Concept2 Model D Rower Review

Among all of the home fitness machine companies on the market, Concept2 has been renowned as one of the best. They are able to manufacture high quality products with an excellent design. In addition, they are able to provide a great warranty plan to their consumers, and also an excellent customer service support department. Model D is considered as one of their most popular rowing machines.


Concept2 Model D operates on a flywheel design, and is able to provide users with a low-impact, full body workout that targets shoulder and back muscles. In addition, it has a function that will allow users to choose between different types of boat qualities, and it also includes a PM3 or PM4 monitor to track performance and progress. When assembled, it takes up about 9 feet by 4 feet of space, and it has a user weight capacity of about 500 pounds. The machine itself weighs 65 pounds. Model D comes with an excellent warranty plan from Concept2.

What We Like:

PM3 or PM4 Monitor: Users are able to choose between two different types of monitors that will be able to help them track their progress and performance level. Users are able to track their progress, and use that information to compare to other users who have purchased the machine. The PM4 monitor runs on an automatic operation system, and has a battery pack that is rechargeable by rowing or by connecting the monitor to a computer with a USB cable. The PM4 monitor also has more games and racing options installed onto the system than the PM3 monitor; however, the PM3 monitor is still able to provide basic information that is needed by users. These monitors allow for users to monitor their heartbeat, track calories burned, track speed and pace, record distance travelled, and compare their performance with a previous session.

Online Support: Unlike other brands, Concept2 offers online support to their users. Users are able to access an online tracking log, a training forum and also racing competitions and challenges against other users. Concept2 offers prizes to those who complete different challenges. For example, those who row 1,000,000 meters are able to receive a free T-shirt from the company, and there are numerous different challenges that rewards members by donating to charity, and more. Users are able to compare their progress with others which can be quite motivational.

Noise: This rowing machine comes with a flywheel design that will not only be able to provide a smooth rowing experience, but will also be able to minimize any noise that the machine makes. This makes model D a model that is ideal for household usage.

Easy Set Up: Model D comes in two pieces, and can be easily set up within half an hour. It comes with instructions that are easy-to-read and understand as well.

Compactability: Although the machine takes up quite a lot of space when it is assembled, and ready to be used, it can be compacted down within minutes and stored in a corner or in another location quite easily. When compacted down, the machine will only take up 25 x 33 x 52 inches of space.

Mobility: The machine comes with caster wheels which increases its mobility. Transporting the machine from one location to another is extremely easy and simple.

Adjustability: The seats, handles, and footplates of model D can be adjusted in order to suit each user’s body size and preference.

Rowing Options: One of the more interesting options provided by Model D is that it will allow users to choose between different options of boat qualities. For example, users are able to choose between rowing a sleek and fast boat or a slow and heavy boat. These types of adjustments can provide users with the type of workout session that they are seeking.

Warranty and Guarantee: Concept2 has an excellent customer service support department, and are able to cater to each consumer’s needs. Not only are they able to provide users with a 30 day money back guarantee, but they also have a 2 year warranty on the parts, and a 5 year warranty on the frame. Any repairs or replacements made in this time frame will be covered by the company.

What We Don’t Like:

Alignment Problems: Some users have complained that while the machine is extremely durable, and stable, there have been some alignment issues in regards to the parts. The machines are still able to function properly despite the slight alignment issues.

Rowing Simulation: While Concept2 Model D is able to provide an exceptional workout session, those who are looking for a realistic rowing simulation may not be able to find what they are looking for in this rowing machine as while it does provide a rowing simulation, there are other machines on the market that are able to provide a more realistic depiction.

Calorie Expectations: The calorie burned feature assumes that all users are a 175 pound male which can be far from the truth. There is no way to change this assumption, and the calories burned feature may be a bit off for those who are a different size or gender.

Our Verdict:

Overall, Concept2 Model D is definitely a worthwhile investment for those who are interested in losing weight or staying fit through rowing. Since rowing is a low-impact exercise, it is perfect for seniors and even those who are rehabilitating from injuries and wounds.

With that said, model D is a great investment due to its durability, and the numerous features that it is able to provide to users. Despite the fact that the calories burned may not be extremely accurate, and there are some problems with alignment for some machines, model D is still an extremely great asset, and a great addition to any home gym. It is noise-free and the monitors are a great way to track progress and performance level. The online support proves to be an exceptional tool as well, and the numerous challenges and competitions are definitely a lot of fun! Users are able to compete with one another and also rank on a scoreboard. Model D is an amazing equipment for those looking to stay motivated when staying fit.



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