Concept2 Model E Rower Review

Concept2 has been recommended as one of the more reputable home fitness machine companies on the market due to their ability to provide consistent high quality equipment that are built to last. They manufacture rowing machines which are able to mimic a rowing motion and provide users with the type of low-impact, full body workout that they need. Rowing can also target shoulder and back muscles, along with one’s biceps as well. With this in mind, rowing is a highly recommended exercise since it is suitable for all ages, and expertise levels. Out of all of the models in their rowing machine line, model E is one of the most recommended and most popular models.


concept-2-Model-EConcept2 Model E has a one-leg design, and operates on a flywheel design. It weighs approximately 65 pounds, and takes up about 9 by 4 feet of space when it is assembled. It has a user weight capacity of about 500 pounds, and it also has caster wheels for transportation purposes. It can be disassembled into two parts, and is able to provide users with the rowing exercise that they desire. In addition, model E comes with a PM4 monitor, and other accessories like a LogCard, and also chain oil. Model E has a general warranty of 5 years.

What We Like:

Online Support: One of the most unique feature of model E is that it comes with online support that will be able to help motivate each user, and track their progress and performance level. Not only is there an online tracking log, but users are also able to enjoy a training forum and also regular rowing competitions and challenges with other users which help keep the rowing fun.

PM4 Monitor: The PM4 monitor is extremely useful for those who are looking to track and log their performance. The PM4 monitor is able to track calories burned, pace, speed, distance travelled, watts, and other important information. The information is recorded on a LogCard. The PM4 monitor is battery operated, but it has an automatic operation and will begin as soon as the user begins to row. The battery pack is rechargeable, and will charge as the user rows. Another recharging option is to connect the PM4 monitor with a computer using the USB cord. The PM4 monitor can also monitor heartbeat with the chest strap that the company offers as well. All of this information is crucial for those who are determined to track their body’s response to the workout session, and the amount of calories that they have burned using the machine.

Compactability: Although the machine takes up 9 feet by 4 feet of space when it is assembled and ready-to-use, the machine can be compacted down within minutes to take up less space. When compacted down, the machine takes up approximately 27 x 45 x 57.5 inches of space making it extremely convenient to store.

Mobility: Model E comes with caster wheels that allow users to transport the machine from one location to another with the utmost of convenience and ease.

Height and Comfort: In comparison to other models in the line, model E differs by the fact that the seat height is an additional 6 inches above the ground giving it a 20 inch seat height. This height is most ideal for those with mobility and balance issues, and will be able to provide them with ease-of-use, and also convenience. Accessing the rowing machine will be easiest on this model.

Noise: The flywheel design will be able to provide users with a smooth rowing experience that is extremely quiet. This makes the machine perfect for household usage as there will be no noise interference with activities like watching television.

Durability and Stability: Concept2 Model E has been known as one of the most durable rowing machines on the market. Not only does it have an aluminum frame with steel support, but it also has a powder-coated seal and a top coat that also enhances its durability. Most users have reported that the machine has maintained its original condition since time of purchase which may have been years ago.

Warranty and Guarantee: Concept2 is able to stand by their products, and the quality it has. Not only are they able to provide users with a 30 day money back guarantee, but they also offer a 5 year warranty. Any repairs or replacements that need to be made during this time frame will be fully covered by the company.

What We Don’t Like:

Plastic: One of the biggest concerns from consumers is the amount of plastic on the product. While the product has been known to be extremely durable, some consumers are concerned that the plastic will eventually break.

Price: Concept2 Model E is a bit pricier than the other models from the Concept2 line; however, the price is reflected on the quality of the product.

Rowing simulation: While it is able to provide an excellent workout, those who are looking for a machine that will be able to provide an actual rowing simulation will find that model E lacks in this field.

Our Verdict:

Those looking to purchase Concept2 rowing machines should highly consider model E due to the fact that it is able to offer tremendous amount of support for those who are looking to stay fit or lose weight. In addition to the online support, the PM4 monitor is an extremely useful tool and asset, and model E has been known to be extremely durable, and able to last for a long period of time. It is definitely one of the sturdier machines on the market, and has numerous supports on the machine that will be able to help users maintain the ideal posture. The additional height on the seat makes it one of the more convenient machines to use.

Model E is a bit pricier than the other models in the same line, and while it is able to offer an excellent workout, it isn’t able to provide the best rowing simulation on the market in comparison to other brands. Still, it is an excellent rowing machine, and will definitely be able to meet up with expectations and provide many with the quality that they are seeking.


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