First Degree Fitness Fluid Rower Review

First Degree Fitness is considered as one of the newer home fitness machine manufacturers on the market; however, they have quickly become a consumer favourite due to their production of consistent high quality machines, and their excellent customer service support team. In comparison to other home fitness machines, their products, like the First Degree Fitness Rowing Machine, are patented due to their unique variable fluid resistance system.


First Degree Fitness Fluid RowerThe First Degree Fitness Rowing Machine has a monitor installed onto it, and a polycarbonate tank for its unique variable fluid resistance system. The machine was developed by professional rowers who were attempting to simulate the effects of actual rowing, and is designed for complete customer satisfaction. The product measures 77.8 x 20.9 x 20.1 inches, and is not too heavy in comparison to similar products. With that in mind, it has the capacity to hold a user of about 300 pounds or more.

What We Like:

Variable Fluid Resistance System: Known for its patented new system, the variable fluid resistance system is able to provide users with a rowing motion that is similar to actual rowing. The motion is smooth, and the water being used in the tank will provide the water effects needed to make users believe that they are actually on the water. This patented system is unique only to First Degree Fitness.

Warranty: First Degree Fitness may be a newer company in respect to all of the other leading brands that are on the market; however, they stand by their product and believe in customer satisfaction. The company is able to offer a 5 year warranty on the frame, 2 year warranty on the tank and seal, 2 year warranty on mechanical components, and a 1 year warranty on all wearing parts. Any repairs or replacements that have to be made within the time frame of the warranty will be covered by the company.

Adjustments for Intensities of Workout: The First Degree Fitness Rowing Machine has numerous different customizations that will allow for different intensities and levels of workout sessions that are customized to the abilities of the user. Users are able to choose from 20 different resistance levels.

Adjustability of Machine: The different features of the machine can be easily adjusted in order to accommodate different body sizes and more. Depending on one’s preference on handle location and other important features, the footplates, handles and seats can be adjusted within a matter of seconds to accommodate different preferences.

Comfort: From the angled handling to the cushioned seats, the First Degree Fitness Rowing Machine was built for comfort. The machine is built at the same height as normal office chairs in order to provide users with comfort and ease of use making it one of the most ideal home fitness equipment on the market for those who have trouble getting on and off machines. The ergonomic handles prevent blisters from forming and minimizes any strain on the arms and hands.

Built-in Wheels: The built-in wheels are one of the best additional features that this product has to offer. Not only does it make it easy to store the product, but it also makes moving this machine from one place to another a piece of cake!

Noise Level: While some users complain of the noise of rowing machines, anyone using this rowing machine will find it to be extremely quiet. The clacking of the machine can be barely heard although the variable fluid resistance system and the water tank does provide a nice water sound that simulates rowing.

Monitor: The First Degree Fitness Rowing Machine does come with a monitor that is able to help users track and log their progress on the machine. The monitor provides information on calories burned, stroke count, total stroke count, distance travelled, speed of strokes, and more.

Amazing Customer Service: Most consumers rave about the excellent customer service support that the company is able to provide. Not only are they able to provide prompt responses, but the customer service support team will bend over backwards in order to please consumers.

What We Don’t Like:

Simplicity of the Monitor: While the monitor does provide the basic information that most monitors do, it is not a complex monitor and a tad too simple for some consumers who are looking for a more high-tech product to track their progress. It does not provide any complex information that may be needed for some users who are extremely conscious of their performance level.

Replacement of Tank: While the variable fluid resistance system is considered as one of the best systems available on the market right now, the polycarbonate tank does require more maintenance and attention than other machines. Maintenance needs to be performed on the tank every two years.

Shipping of Machine: One complicated factor about the product is that the rails of the machines are shipped separately than the other parts of the product. Those who purchase this machine will have to wait for both shipments in order to be able to assemble the product.

Our Verdict:

All in all, the First Degree Fitness Rowing Machine has been highly recommended by many users due to its ability to simulate actual rowing, and its ease of use. It is a worthwhile investment for those who are looking for a durable product that will last. Not only is the machine built for comfort, but it is also extremely quiet making it one of the better alternatives on the market.

Those who do purchase the First Degree Fitness Rowing Machine will have to keep in mind that the product does require additional amounts of maintenance due to the fact that the tank does require more maintenance and attention than other types of rowing machines. The machine takes up extremely little space, and the built-in wheels make it one of the easier machines to transport from one location to another. The instruction manual also makes assembling and disassembling this rowing machine a piece of cake.

Those interested in the variable fluid resistance system should try out what this brand has to offer. The patented system is unique for a reason, and many users have claimed that the machine was able to provide them with the type of features that they were looking for at a great price.


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