LifeCore Fitness R100 Rowing Machine Review

LifeCore Fitness R100 Review For 2016

LifeCore Fitness R100

Those looking for the perfect home fitness equipment that will be able to combine both aerobic and strength training will be interested in the benefits that rowing is able to provide. Rowing is a low-impact exercise that is able to provide a full body workout, and definitely recommended for all age groups and for users from all levels of expertise due to its simple nature. With this in mind, the LifeCore Fitness R100 is able to provide many users with the asset needed to not only build but also chisel their muscle tone.

The LifeCore Fitness R100 is a tad more expensive than other home fitness equipment due to the fact that it can be both a commercial or residential equipment; however, it has more customizations available than other rowing machines, and is also able to handle a user weight capacity of over 600 pounds making it one of the most ideal and sturdy machines on the market. The machine is able to provide users with a simulation of actual rowing while in a seated position with customizations that help keep users in an ideal posture and position that will minimize all injuries and strains placed on muscles.


What We Like:

Multi-function Monitor: The multi-function monitor is perfect for those who are looking to be able to track and log their progress. With an optional chest strap that will be able to monitor heart rate, the LifeCore Fitness R100 is also able to track stroke count, stroke per minute, calories burned, time spent on machine and more. The multi-function LCD monitor is a great asset for those looking to be able to determine, track and log their performance level and progress.

Adjustments: The LifeCore Fitness R100 has numerous pre-set customizations that are perfect for different levels and intensities of workout sessions. There are 16 levels of magnetic resistance as well as 15 pre-set programs available on the machine. Users are able to enjoy different types of workout sessions based on their expertise or based on the desired amount of training.

Safety and Comfort: When using rowing machines, it is important to maintain a good posture in order to minimize any chance of injury or strain. The LifeCore Fitness R100 is the perfect machine for those who are looking for comfort and safety. The cushions on the seats are extremely comfortable, and the padding on the handles prevent blisters from forming. In addition, the pivoting footplate allows for users to customize the type of posture that they will maintain while on the machine. The machine has been known to be able to glide quite silently and comfortably as well.

Durability: The LifeCore Fitness R100 is able to withstand over 600 pounds of user pressure. With that in mind, it is an extremely sturdy and durable piece of equipment that has an aluminum frame with solid steel support. It can withstand quite a lot of pressure and strain before breaking.

Adjustable Fan: Most users love the adjustable fan that comes with the LifeCore Fitness R100. Not only is the fan rather quiet in regards to other machines, but users can also adjust the level of the fan in order to be able to attain the best breeze possible.

Foldability: As most home gyms are quite small, this rowing machine can be easily assembled and disassembled at home with instructions and illustrations that are easy to figure out. The machine can be folded up and stored in a secure location until needed.

LifeCore R100 folds up well

Warranty: LifeCore is able to stand by their products, and with that being said, they are able to provide a lifetime warranty on the frame of the product. Depending on whether the product is being used for commercial or residential purposes, different lengths of warranties are offered. If the product is to fail or break within the time frame of the warranty, LifeCore will happily replace or repair all parts at their cost. LifeCore also has an excellent customer support service team that is able to provide users with the type of consultation and advice needed.

What We Don’t Like:

Cost: While the LifeCore Fitness R100 is considered as one of the more elite home fitness equipment on the market, the additional customizations are clearly reflected on the price of the machine. The LifeCore Fitness R100 is a tad more expensive than other machines on the market, and may not be as affordable in comparison to other products.

Weight: With all of the customizations that it has, the LifeCore Fitness R100 is a bit heavier than other machines on the market and can be quite hard to move from one place to another without disassembling the product which can be considered as troublesome.

Heart-Rate Monitor: Some consumers have complained about some faultiness in regards to the heart-rate monitor which can be quite troublesome due to the price of the machine. Some consumers suspect that the heart rate monitor interferes with the magnetic resistance of the machine, but this problem has only been detected by a minority of the users.

Our Verdict:

Depending on the amount of time that will be spent on the machine, the LifeCore Fitness R100 may be a great investment for residential use. While it has numerous customizations and is an extremely comfortable rowing machine that has been able to generate huge customer satisfaction, it is a little bit on the pricey side of home fitness equipment, and may not be as affordable. Those who are looking for an extremely long-lasting and durable home fitness rowing machine will want to consider taking a look at the LifeCore Fitness R100; however, not everyone may be able to shell out the money for it.

Most users who have purchased the machine have enjoyed its silent nature, and numerous customizations. It is a great machine for those who are looking to build muscle tone, and is a great stepping stone for those looking to start some advanced free weight training. The LifeCore Fitness R100 can either be a commercial or residential product, and while it is quite pricey, it is definitely considered as one of the most top-notch brands on the market.



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