LifeCore Fitness R88 Review

The LifeCore Fitness R88 provides exercisers with the gym-quality exercise needed. It relies on an air and magnetic system in order to function, and is able to provide the rowing motion needed for a full body workout. Rowing is a low-impact workout that is not only able to target shoulder and back muscles, but also able to provide the least amount of strain on muscles. Rowing is a great exercise that is suitable for all ages, and the LifeCore Fitness R88 is able to simulate actual rowing on the water.

LifeCore Fitness R88

The LifeCore Fitness R88 is great for those who are looking to work based on set adjustments. There are 8 different levels for exercisers to choose from, and they are able to transition from one level to another by utilizing the machine more frequently and toning and building their muscles. Not only is it able to provide different levels of training, but it is also quite sturdy and able to hold a maximum user weight of about 300 pounds. The LifeCore Fitness R88 is able to combine both aerobic and strength training, and is a good starting step for those looking to begin advanced free weight training exercises. It is also ideal for those rehabilitating from an injury as it has a low-impact on the body.

What We Like:

Warranty: LifeCore is able to stand behind their products, and provide customer satisfaction on almost all home fitness products. In addition to a life-time warranty on the frame, users are able to enjoy a 2 year warranty on all parts. All repairs and replacements will be happily covered by the company.

Cost: While the LifeCore Fitness R88 is able to provide a gym-quality exercise, it is only a fraction of the cost of most gym exercise equipment, and can be purchased for home usage. It is an ideal investment for those looking for a wonderful addition. With the type of warranty available in mind, this machine is definitely considered a steal on the market!

Foldability: Just like numerous other rowing machines, the LifeCore Fitness R88 can be folded up in order to save space. Disassembling and assembling the machine has been known to be quite easy and simple. It literally only takes minutes, and the instructions are easy to read.

LifeCore Fitness R88-folded

Multi-function monitor: Most users will want to be able to track and log their progress on the machine, and the multi-function monitor is able to provide users with the type of information needed. The machine has an optional heart rate chest strap, and is able to provide users information regarding stroke count, strokes per minute, time spent on machine, calories burnt and more.

Built-in Fan: Exercising can warm you up, and rowing is no different. Those who are interested in the LifeCore Fitness R88 will be able to enjoy the built-in fan that will be able to provide a cool breeze for those looking to cool down while enjoying their workout.

Different Levels of Customizations: While users are unable to customize individually based on resistance, there are 8 levels of pre-customization options that are able to provide different amounts and levels of resistance and training on the body. The LifeCore Fitness R88 is also able to provide a racing program that can be quite encouraging for those looking to slim down and lose weight.

Comfort: The LifeCore Fitness R88 was built for comfort, and most users enjoy the thick padded seats that are on the machine. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also able to provide users with the support needed for a good workout.

Noise of the machine: While numerous rowing machines have been known to be quite noisy, the LifeCore Fitness R88 has been known to be quite quiet, and is perfect for numerous households.

What We Don’t Like:

Noise of the Built-In Fan: While the built-in fan is a great customization, it has been known to be able to get quite noisy and loud during usage. Depending on each person’s preference, the built-in fan may be too noisy for some household usages.

Unadjustable Handles: Different types of handles are able to work out and target different muscles. For example, an underhand grip has been known to be able to target biceps, and a narrow grip has been known to be able to target the latissimus dorsi muscles. The LifeCore Fitness R88 comes with unadjustable and uncustomizable handles.

Adjustments of Machine: The LifeCore Fitness R88 is not as easily adjustable as other rowing machines on the market, and some of the measurements are fixed. For example, the level of the footplates cannot be adjusted or customized.

Brightness of LCD Monitor: While the LifeCore Fitness R88 has a beautiful LCD monitor, some users have showed some signs of dissatisfaction in regards to the brightness of the LCD monitor as lighting is quite important in regards to whether the LCD monitor can be visible.

Our Verdict:

While the LifeCore Fitness R88 has its ups and downs, it is still a great addition to a home gym due to the fact that it is compactable and can be easily assembled and disassembled. The machine comes with easy-to-read instructions and illustrations that give users a good idea on how to properly use the machine, and how to disassemble and assemble the machine in the most efficient manner possible.

Depending on the preferences and adjustments required, not all consumers enjoy the machine as much as they could; however, the adjustments needed are quite minor and most people tend to be able to use the set adjustments. Those looking to target different muscles with different handles will not find it possible with this machine which can be quite a huge disadvantage to one’s workout, but the built-in fan is a wonderful addition. There are numerous different levels of training possible, and numerous people enjoy the racing program that has been installed onto the machine.

Overall, the LifeCore Fitness R88 is well worth its price, and a great addition to any home gym although it has set customizations that cannot be changed. It is the perfect equipment for those looking to rehabilitate from an injury, and will be able to help strengthen and tone muscles.


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