LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rower Review


LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rower best rowing machine-2016Lifespan is a line from the PCE Health and Fitness Company which has built a strong reputation for being able to manufacture and produce high quality products. The main goal of the Lifespan line is to produce high quality home fitness machines and equipment that will be able to target the value-conscious consumer. PCE Health and Fitness has received numerous awards by the Industrial Design Society of America, and the company has a good community responsibility as they frequently promote active living and exercise throughout the community by donating exercise equipment to high schools and funding the American Diabetes Association and other non-profit organizations.

Among all of the products that are offered by Lifespan, the Lifespan Fitness Rowing machine is the best home fitness machine that will be able to provide a low-impact exercise. It provides users with the opportunity to enjoy a cardiovascular workout that combines both aerobic and strength training. The product is recommended for all ages, and for users of all expertise level. In fact, it is even recommended for senior living. It can support a user weight capacity of about 300 pounds or so, and is 87 x 19 x 23 inches when left unfolded, and 34 x 19 x 64 inches when folded. It has a 16.5 lb. flywheel and relies on a magnetic brake resistance system. It also has five levels of resistance for different training options.

What We Like:

Smooth and Quiet System: On top of being one of the smoothest rowing machines to operate, the Lifespan Fitness rowing machine is absolutely quiet. It is perfect for all households, and definitely a great investment for those looking to be able to work out at home while watching television or work out without disturbing others. The machine is rather comfortable, and definitely a piece of equipment where lots of time can be spent on it.

Foldability: As mentioned in the description of the product, this rowing machine can be easily folded up in order to conserve space. It is perfect for those who have limited space in their home gym, and the machine can be stored away for later use easily. This machine can be pulled out, unfolded and used, so there really is no need for actual gym space. It can be propped up against a wall or stored in a corner of the home making it an extremely convenient product.

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Easy to Assemble: This machine is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble. While some consumers have reported spending hours of energy and time in assembling different brands of rowing machines, it normally will only require users about 15 minutes or so to assemble and disassemble this machine.

Energy-Efficient: Since this rowing machine provides users with a simple digital display that only provides information regarding distance travelled, time spent on the machine, calories burned, stroke count and also speed per minute, and one battery will last for an extremely long period of time. Regular battery change is not required at all.

Built-In Display/ Monitor: The built-in display/monitor provides users with some information regarding the type of performance level that they have, and the progress of their workout session. This gives them some idea on what to expect, and the type of workout session that they should aim for in order to be able to attain an active lifestyle that will provide them with best health and body.

Cost: This machine is reasonably priced, and definitely not considered as one of the more expensive options on the market. It is perfect for the value-conscious consumer, and definitely well worth the price that one is paying.

Warranty: Lifespan is able to provide excellent customer service support, and they will back up their products. With this in mind, they will provide a warranty of 5 years on the frame, 2 years on the parts, and 1 year on the labor. Any repairs or replacements that are needed within the time frame of 1 year will be paid for by the company.

What We Don’t Like:

Unable to simulate actual rowing: Some better rowing machines on the market are able to simulate actual rowing, and able to provide users with the feeling as if they are actually on the water. Those who have a priority not on the exercise of the product, but on the simulation will want to think again before purchasing this type of rowing machine as it may not live up to the expectations of rowing in the water. This is due to the fact that the machine does not build up momentum and each stroke feels like the first.

Durability: While the machine is built to last and has an excellent warranty system, the machine does not rely on a chain and the pulling system is based on a piece of fabric. With that in mind, the machine has been known to go through wear and tear through usage, and there have been some reports of faults occurring after some time.

Simplicity of Monitor: The built-in monitor does require extremely little batteries, and while it does provide users with adequate information, it is not a complex system and not a complex monitor that will be able to provide the necessary detailed information needed by the performance-conscious user. Those who are looking for more information such as heartbeat rate or for resistance information will not be able to get what they’re looking for with this machine. With that said, this rowing machine is extremely easy to use, and definitely a simple machine.

Our Verdict:

The Lifespan Fitness rowing machine is definitely considered as a simple machine that is able to provide a good workout to its users. While it does not simulate actual rowing, this machine is extremely affordable and definitely excels in being able to compact down into a small amount of space.

Those who want to focus on having a machine that will be able to provide them with the simulation of actual rowing will want to stray from this product; however, it is durable, and definitely a good addition to a household with limited space available. The machine is extremely quiet which is perfect for most, and extremely affordable as well. It is definitely well worth the price that one is paying, and a good investment for one’s health.


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